Put Me In The Story

Put Me In The Story lets you make personalized versions of bestselling books for your kids. Bedtime stories are a special way that parents bond with their children and personalizing the story makes that moment of reading together even more special. Far beyond any reading experience, Put Me In The Story will transform and enhance story time by making your child the STAR of treasured children’s stories.

Put Me In The Story personalized books feature your child’s name throughout each bestselling story—a captivating and magical experience for any child. A personalized dedication page allows parents to easily personalize each book with their own photo and special message.

We care deeply about reading and believe that engaging kids more fully with stories will create a lifelong connection with books. We know that your visitors will love our bestselling book and characters, and that the high quality of all of our personalized gifts will make these a treasured keepsake for the special children in their life.

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