Bean Genius Coffee

BeanGenius is the smart specialty coffee discovery and subscription service based out of Los Angeles, CA. Launched in November 2014, BeanGenius uses its machine learning algorithm, along with customer feedback, to learn individual taste preferences and selects coffees specifically for each customer’s unique palate. BeanGenius’ world-class cuppers accept less than 20% of submitted coffees, resulting in the top 1% of all coffees, with coffee arriving fresh to the customer’s door within days of roasting.

BeanGenius, the smart specialty coffee subscription and discovery service, expands on its success by launching the BeanGenius Marketplace. With over 2,000 specialty coffee roasters in the US, finding an amazing new roaster is challenging, and most roasters specialize in roasting coffee, not e-commerce. The BeanGenius Marketplace provides a solution for both consumers and roasters by helping specialty coffees consumers find coffee from the best roasters in the country, as well as provide roasters a streamlined e-commerce platform and increased market exposure. The Marketplace features more specialty coffee roasters than any other coffee-focused platform with new roasters continually being added, as well as the Coffee Queue, a Netflix-style list where customers can add coffees for future deliveries at custom intervals.

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