Allstate Motor Club

Established in 1961, we at Allstate Motor Club have worked hard to provide our members with peace of mind on the road. Because we are affiliated with Allstate Insurance Company, membership with Allstate Motor Club comes with knowing that there are two trusted companies watching out for your customer and their vehicle.
We started as the first truly national motor club offering superior roadside benefits. From the beginning, membership included reimbursement for towing and roadside service, trip planning, an arrest bond certificate, a theft reward, Accidental Death Insurance and payment for legal services.

We've worked hard to create opportunities that reward our club members for their loyalty. Recently, we introduced a car purchasing service that facilitates an easy, trusted buying process.

And we're continuing to work to add new benefits and discounts for our members all the time.

We want people like your customers to use our new and improved services, take advantage of great savings, plan memorable trips, and continue to feel the safety we've provided from the beginning--knowing we'll be there whenever they need us.

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