Learn More - How To Build Your Hive

We get it, the best part of Beesavy is Social Shopping. I mean, how could you not like getting cashback whenever your friends or family buy their everyday items at their favorite stores?

But how do you gets your friends involved in Beesavy without coming across like a weirdo salesperson???

Easy. Follow these 4 STEPS and your friends will be just as excited as you are!

1. Send your friend a Facebook message or a text asking them this:
“Hey there, I have two random questions for you.
1. Do you use (pick a couple of Beesavy Partner Stores that they shop at), and
2. Do your friends shop at those same stores?”

Everybody always says yes, because, c'mon, everybody buys stuff!

2. After they say yes, the next question is,
“Can you watch this 2 minute video and tell me if this makes sense to you?”

After watching the video, most people are blown away and extremely curious about how to join. For those that seem interested, just sign them up IMMEDIATELY using your special referral ID! Don't let them wait, and it's not like there is any reason to not join up, I mean its completely FREE!

3. Now have them click on the BEESAVY TOP PARTNER STORES link that is in the top left of your Dashboard. Just go through each category of shopping and ask them if they shop at any of these stores.
The answer is ,”OF COURSE I SHOP AT ________!”

4. Next, have them watch the walk­through video, or just walk them through the process of shopping at whatever their favorite BEESAVY TOP PARTNER STORE is.

And that is it!!! Easy as pie, and now you will get a commission every time they shop through Beesavy at their favorite stores!


Ok, you might be one of those people that gets really excited at the thought of making LOTS of money when your friends and family shop! Remember, you get paid on 7 connection levels of shopping, so your BEEHIVE can grow extremely big and you can make BIG amounts of cash if you follow these extra steps.

Once again, this is not for everybody! Some people are fine with just using Beesavy and referring a couple friends, and that is fantastic! But for the other is a little plan to get you moving in the right direction.

First of all, wouldn't you like to know how much money you could really make with Beesavy? Take a look at these figures and see what the possibilities are:

This drawing makes 3 assumptions:

  1. Your online shopping earns you at least $1.00 per month in cashback
  2. You sign­up five (5) of your friends and they also average at least $1.00 per month in cashback.
  3. Each of your five (5) friends signs up five (5) of their friends, etc.

How to build a massive Beehive:

  1. Use Beesavy yourself for at least ONE MONTH before telling people about it. It's much easier to communicate a service that you have already used yourself.
  2. Find five (5) friends or family that will sign up, and use the 4 STEPS to walk them through the process.
  3. Have them use Beesavy for a month before they tell anyone else about it.
  4. Every month touch base with your 5 people, and help them if they have any questions or need help signing their friends up.

Can you sign up more than 5 people? OF COURSE, please, sign up 1,000, it's fine with us ;)

Remember, sometimes when people hear about referral programs like this they automatically assume that this is a “MLM.” We get it, we have people ask us this all the time. We just remind people that it's

  1. Free. Forever. No, seriously, it's free.
  2. You are shopping at your favorite stores.
  3. You are buying the products you already buy.

So that's it! Now go out and use your new found knowledge to build a huge BEEHIVE that makes you money every single month!

Tax and shipping costs are estimates;  please see the store's website for exact pricing.  BeeSavy does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided by online stores and other third parties, including product information, prices, coupons, and availability.  BeeSavy shall not be liable for or responsible to honor any inaccurate information shown on our website.  Please see our Terms of Service for more details.